Apr 19, 2010

April (8) : Fire Alarm Won't Wake you UP!!

Did i mention i got food poisoning last Monday? ya.. it really make me weak, dehydrated and lose my epetite. I hate it so much. so, i hope you all take care and please be careful everytime you eat outside. check the food first!! hahah...

But today i just want to share with you all about this very little thing that happen in our life. Emergency Alarm. If you ever heard about emergency alarm which also can be called fire detection alarm.. (i think so) haha

I always notice when people heard the alarm even in the hostel, hotel, shopping mall and so on they were barely ignore it.. include myself... hahha...

why people would like to ignore it?

1. Because they didn't see any fire
2. Because nobody scream "fire.. fire.. run... "
3. Because they thought it ringing by itself..

and more more reason that you could think..