Apr 30, 2010

April (18) : The Ending Of My Practical Training

Tik tok tik tok.. now 5.05 pm already.. another 25 minutes officially end my Practical training.. Nick, what is you feeling after four and a half month spent your time doing practical here? my answer would be im so happy because managed to finish it with my own effort, sad because i been here for a while and excited because next two days will back to sarawak!!

April (17) : Night boys out again

If you do read my previous post, you know i have boys day several time. Its mean i went out with my boy friends.. yup.. no girls aloud. haha.. because sometimes we went out until 3am ++ so of cause you wont bring your girl friends out that late huh.. Be responsible man.. Unmaried girl must be at home before 12!!

Apr 29, 2010

April (16) : Countdown Tik Tok

I very very excited for going home this sunday!! i cant wait for it.. but i did not start my packing session yet. fuh.. well, im very last minute person because im cool.. haha... anyway.. as usual because of my high level of curiosity so i google " countdown for blog" and i found it..  its very cool like me... haha

April (16) : Tagged Thingy TaTa...

Today i being tag by my friend adibah. I don't like to tagged people in blog but da~ who cares? hahha But i just want to waste my time.. hahha.. ok now come back to what she ask me to do.. ok.

April (15) : Its different.. it really are!!!

I'm kinda happy today because work for half day... need to go to police station to settle a few things.. happy because i download latest episode of gossip girl and glee... but supposed i can download supernatural and American Next top Model cycle 14 too but nobody upload that yet.. so, what is different?

Apr 28, 2010

April (14) : Super Junior

Helo guys, it very late for me to update blog today but never mind.. i know everyone very busy today right.. as you relax this evening and nothing to do while drink some tea sitting at the chair.. ok2.. i know.. trite so much right.. haha trite mean talking in writing.. hahah.. im just kiding.. well, i got fever actually... it will go couple of days later...

Apr 27, 2010

April (13) : Graduate from Practical Training

Yaay... i so so happy this week because i going to finish my practical training this and only Friday... Im glad i managed to work hard and done all my job and my bos said im potentially can be a good programmer. HAHA.. Bos, thanks a lot!! haha Im thank my senior in this office Mr Tajul and Mr Yuzi for helping me so much since day 1 until last day...

April (12) : I'm Going to World Cup South Africa

Are you excited to see world cup in another 44 days to go... are you going to watch live at South africa or just watching at ur flat screen tv? guess what, i going to watch at tv too... hahaha... Hope so..

i not a big fan or fanatic fan that like my others friends but i will watch people watch world cup...

Apr 26, 2010

April (11) : Defends Services Asia (12th DSA)

Hello everyone, nice to see you all again... i promised that i'll update my blog today and i yes, i did. well, last week is very twisted week for me and i kinda feel very helpless and make me wanna cry. But i didn't..

Apr 20, 2010

April (10) : Dare to smoke again?

Frankly speak, im totally anti-cigarette and i don't like smoker smoke in front of me.. My brother and my friends totally understand that i really hate the smell and they try to avoid smoking in front of me.. and this morning, i read one of post in my bloglist from Mommy Qastalani. it is advertisement about smoking causing death.

Apr 19, 2010

April (9) : Abstract Art

I was so deadly bored yesterday alone at my rented apartment since all my housemate went out and leave me alone there.  So, instead of watching my favorite anime, Yakitate Japan which i download from heaven of desires (click the banner on your left), i do some painting.. well, not using water color on paper but using paint tools in window.

April (8) : Fire Alarm Won't Wake you UP!!

Did i mention i got food poisoning last Monday? ya.. it really make me weak, dehydrated and lose my epetite. I hate it so much. so, i hope you all take care and please be careful everytime you eat outside. check the food first!! hahah...

Apr 16, 2010

April (7) : Genting Highland Trip Done

Last weekend, as i mention i went to Genting highland.. It was my first time and i really really excited about going there. I took a package which is required us to stay over night at First World Hotel. The funny part was when 4 of us do not know where the hotel was since this our very first time come to Genting. So, my friend called the agent and her said just follow where other people go. Then what happen was we follow wrong group where they headed to Casino..

Apr 9, 2010

April (6) : Genting Highland Trip

Probably I'm the most excited man in the world right now.. Tomorrow I'm going to Genting... Yaaay.. this is the moment I'm waiting for!!! Despite for being excited to go there, i also feel very sad and sorrow which only i know how I'm feeling right now.. why? because i had no money to pay!!! huhuh

Apr 8, 2010

April (5) : Siri Blog Jelajah Ben Ashaari

well guys, i know it sounds cliche and i do not know how many bloggers already do this.. and now i become one of them.. hahah.. everyone know this guy... Mr Ben Ashaari... he said, "Jangan Bagi Aku Membebel" but he does all the time.. lol  and he really popular among gengbloggers.. and im doing this because... actually i've too many reason... lol..

April (4) : Growing Up

Yesterday while i'm doing my unfinished work, my old friend sherry ym me around 3 pm.. She said why this few days you watch so many anime (sailormoon, yakitate japan... bla bla bla).. i said why? she said nothing just asking... and she add after a while, you just not like Nick that i know a few years ago..

Apr 6, 2010

April (3) : Rest In Peace!!!!

Yesterday is a history.. The moment i'll never forget if i wish too... i was so sad.. very sad.. but the past is past.. i'm a normal person and not a taxedo mask (perlukah?)... But surprisingly i'm in a very Good Mood.. i just don't know why... arrggghhh....

Apr 5, 2010

April (2) : Sailormoon Virus

After my bff, kcd puts the youtube link on his twitter about sailormoon i directly transform to my child hood memory... i believe everyone here love sailormoon right... remember this? "Dengan kuasa bulan, aku akan menghukum mu"... im very sure you all watched this anime right... But i can't remember when exactly i started to watch sailormoon...

Apr 1, 2010

April (1) : Thai Movie: Rahtree Reborn (Buppha Rahtree 3.1)

For those who like horror movie.. well, i recently download this movie at syok.org (thanks a lot) and i actually confused to download this movie or another movie that from Indonesia... i cant make the decision and i download them both... but i choose to watch this first with my housemate. for the record, i never watched horror movie by myself accept for Paranormal Entity...