Apr 16, 2010

April (7) : Genting Highland Trip Done

Last weekend, as i mention i went to Genting highland.. It was my first time and i really really excited about going there. I took a package which is required us to stay over night at First World Hotel. The funny part was when 4 of us do not know where the hotel was since this our very first time come to Genting. So, my friend called the agent and her said just follow where other people go. Then what happen was we follow wrong group where they headed to Casino..

Can you just imagine my friend and her mother who wore Tudung stand up in front of casino? haha kinda funny... After that we managed to find where the hotel is... and it took almost 2 hour!!! fuh.... after check in and everything settle we headed to Outdoor Theme park. Its really fun although i only dare to play roller coaster.  Other than that (flying coaster etc..), next time please... hahahha

And it was my first time too playing roller coaster and wow... i know why people keep creaming when then on that thing... hahah Before i ride the RC, i said to my friends, why people screaming? its nothing!! then after i took a ride my leg shaking and i can't really stand still... But it really fun... hahah

Indoor game also accelerating. i love 4D motion because it seem so real and scary... hahah... and also snow world.. i love snow.. even though it so cold!!!

done with writing and reading.. i show you my happy face.. hehe...

im calling lady gaga... hahah

that's all... ok bye..
c ya.. da~

p/s : so sorry i can't update my blog after the trip because that monday i got food poisoning and it pretty bad since i took a day off and went to hospital. and my work at office is like never ending...