Mar 31, 2010

March (10) : Rat Urine is more dangerous than Facebook?

Today, i found out one more interesting fact. Rat Urine is dangerous..  after 22 years living with rat (even i killed some of them) i do not know that rat urine can cause fatal... well i know the title is ridiculous but for me facebook is dangerous too.. haha...

Mar 29, 2010

March (9) : Antara Lebah dan Kotak

Tentu kamu semua hairan kenapa blog budak ni kadang-kadang tulis dalam bahasa melayu, kadang-kadang dalam bahasa Inggeris.. tu nanti saya cerita okay.. sekarang ini saya nak cerita tentang seekor lebah yang baru sahaja keluar dari kotak biru.. mmm....

Mar 28, 2010

March (8) : Largest International Book Fair

Last Saturday, my bff, shekin n i went to PWTC. there are the largest International bookFair been held and both of us took the opportunity to buy some Novels and magazines... it was crazy and very crowded with millions of  people that came from nowhere.  But still enjoy our self and at least we can buy something to read...

Mar 26, 2010

March (7) : Earth Hour

Lets together save the earth. Bukan selalu pun time kita berjaga-jaga ni kita off semua lampu.. Even masa kita tidur pun ada satu dua lampu yang kita buka kan... so, 1 jam je.. time tu kita baring2 la atas katil ke, bual2 ke ngan kawan2... buat apa2 yg baik sahaja ek.. jgn buat benda mcm2.. hahaha

Mar 23, 2010

March (6) : Contest by Nickzdagreat....

JOM kawan2.. join contest ni... aku puas la jugak join contest ni... sbb duit nuffnang menyenangkan so i nak la jugak share2 ngan anda semua ok.... contest ni senang sangat2... baca lagi kalau nak tahu mcm mana..... jom rakan2 blogger semua...

Mar 22, 2010

March (5) : Nick in Wonderland, under the mountain and Secret recipe

Yesterday my friends and i went to mid valley. and suddenly we went to wonderland world.. after having my Korean food for lunch. (perlukah mention makan korean food). then we watch movies and having dinner before went back home...

Mar 19, 2010

March (4) : New Blog

This is a new blog of mine.. But not fully mine actually... i just one of the team members that write in the blog. For your information this blog collaboration of 7 young and idealism teenagers which now still study in University around malaysia. 

Mar 18, 2010

March (3) : If you NOT STUPID, do this....

Everyone do not want to be stupid.. am i right.. But not everyone can be very brilliant..

Only a few people that can be really good in doing some of IQ test in internet. Well, how about if you try this one and see how intelligent you are...

Mar 17, 2010

March (2) : Aku dan Dia [same bday]

this is my lovely nephew Nikson Junior.. yaaah.. its name after me.. Nicholas.. hehe.. well, why his name after me? what are the same things between us?

Mar 16, 2010

March (1) : Wedding Ceremony Malay Tradition

First of all, i want to congrate Fareezul and Sella for their wedding last 2 week.. Even though they do not know me and so do i but i wish both of you happily ever after and jumping to next step... (hehe being parent lah).. and thank you so much to her sister Farahainee Shahidan (my cozmate) for the invitation...