Apr 30, 2010

April (17) : Night boys out again

If you do read my previous post, you know i have boys day several time. Its mean i went out with my boy friends.. yup.. no girls aloud. haha.. because sometimes we went out until 3am ++ so of cause you wont bring your girl friends out that late huh.. Be responsible man.. Unmaried girl must be at home before 12!!

Man? nahh.. we can take care ourself... as long as we didnt go to the wrong place...

Last night we went to Jamming Studio.. ya, of cause our guitarist is Jamal, bass is Faris and drummer the one and only Mack. Me.. im a singer!! But since i still suffering from sore throat and need to rest my voice. (terasa diri mcm artis popular). So Rizalni, Mydent and Faris's bro took the singer position.. sad, they not good as mine.. hhaha.. (Controversy Statement).

 Model hanging out together... lalala :)

 blur.. sory my phone not as good as yours... haha

Last nite also was my first time went to Damansara.. but it took long journey from kajang. For those you know KL so much this might funny to you. We departed from kajang to damansara and we pass Sentul. Its all Jamal's fault... He drive to fast and miss the juntion to damansara. Then i said to them, its like we go to serdang from kajang through Seremban using KTM...

 From kajang to sentul to damansara!!
 from kajang to damansara.. see the different?

Ok im glad yesterday went there before go back to sarawak. Its my first time and i love it.. next time bring me again.. i'll rock the jam with you.. haha...