Apr 8, 2010

April (5) : Siri Blog Jelajah Ben Ashaari

well guys, i know it sounds cliche and i do not know how many bloggers already do this.. and now i become one of them.. hahah.. everyone know this guy... Mr Ben Ashaari... he said, "Jangan Bagi Aku Membebel" but he does all the time.. lol  and he really popular among gengbloggers.. and im doing this because... actually i've too many reason... lol..

One of the is i thought it would be fun reading his blog commenting about my blog... i know my blog not really smart and beautiful but i always do my best...2nd, i'm so tired reading others blog asking Mr Ben to "jelajah" their blog and its my turn... And i found very rare people commenting and promoting others people blog... define rare? : ok i only know this one... hahha

ok ben... can't wait to see you here... hahah

Ben, please don't membebel too much... hahah just kiding... i know you won't.... By the way if you guys do not know who really he was just click the picture below and be his follower ok...

p/s : i won't put high expectation on he will come to my blog... but if he does please leave your comment ok... lol have a nice day..

c ya  da~