Aug 31, 2010

Malaysia Independence day!!!!

Wow, as i expected there will be a lot of bloggers will write something about Independence Day dat today... Anyways im one of them... but i don't think i will celebrate merdeka.... i'll celebrate it but with my own ways... :) which im not really celebrate it... huhu... Only last night with my lovely friends....

Malaysia, my very lovely country 
where i born n live everyday
place i never replace
place i never forget
place where i see sunshine every single day
which i being me
being a man
being a lovely young man...:P
and i proudly become 'sian' for Malaysia...

very peaceful place..
i wish nobody in this world would take that...
i like harmony n peaceful place
not a place who fighting for sandwich every morning...

and live like a prawn...
its cheap but full with its meat..
not like crap.. very expensive..
hard to open n yet very little meats to eat...

But unfortunately, 
im a student and final sem student...
i got my Final Year Project need to be done...
So i dont see my independence day yet.... hahha
malaysia wish all the best..
God bless Malaysia~ 

ok c you all