May 25, 2010

May (3) : Supernatural is back for Season 6

Im so happy just now when i been told by winchester Bros at Facebook about the upcoming season 6 of Supernatural. After watching the finale 2 days ago i really thought that the drama was end.but clearly its not!!! My fav drama will continue...

May 18, 2010

May (2) : Semenggoh Nature Reserve, Kuching Sarawak

The status of Semengoh Forest Reserve, Sarawak's oldest forest reserve (constituted in 1920), has been changed in April 2000 to that of Semenggoh Nature Reserve. The Reserve has been an important site for Sarawak Forest Department experimental studies and houses an arboretum, a wildlife rehabilitation centre, a botanical research centre, trial plantation and experimental plots, forest nursery and the former Forest School. 

May 17, 2010

May (1) : Home

This is my first time post something in my blog for this month. Since I've been at Sarawak for almost 3 weeks but i have so much great time spend with my lovely family. Sometimes i miss my days at KL but i miss more at my parent at Sarawak.. hahah...