Apr 29, 2010

April (16) : Countdown Tik Tok

I very very excited for going home this sunday!! i cant wait for it.. but i did not start my packing session yet. fuh.. well, im very last minute person because im cool.. haha... anyway.. as usual because of my high level of curiosity so i google " countdown for blog" and i found it..  its very cool like me... haha

Can't wait to be home again since i don't spend my Christmas Holiday with my family.. so sad but im not crying.. really im not cry.. maybe but not.. i swear!! but who care actually.. haha..

ok this is the exact date i will come back to kuching!!

ok sad part is this is the countdown for coming back to UTM for my last semester...

its been very crazy week for me because this is my last week for loose my virginity at Kuala Lumpur but i still virgin.. haha ok... im really crazy now.. c u tomorrow...