Apr 8, 2010

April (4) : Growing Up

Yesterday while i'm doing my unfinished work, my old friend sherry ym me around 3 pm.. She said why this few days you watch so many anime (sailormoon, yakitate japan... bla bla bla).. i said why? she said nothing just asking... and she add after a while, you just not like Nick that i know a few years ago..

In my mind, mmmmmm.... ok! 1st we haven't hanging out together since high school when we were in Form 4. She moved to another school that much more better that our school.. Back then, i was thinking... how was i when i was that young? Confuse with myself... i totally forget what happen n what was i when i still be a little young boy.. haha...

ok, But today.. in front of gate where i doing my practical i saw this African young women... she really looks like Leona lewis.. Except for the fact that the young women darker than leona.. hehe... But both of them still beautiful...

Talking about Leona Lewis i do my blog walking this morning and i found Leona Lewis's new music video on DInoza's blog entitle I Got You..

p/s : Just format my lappy to window 7 and not install photoshop yet.. so i will not put my pic in this blog.. haha

c ya.. da~