Apr 29, 2010

April (15) : Its different.. it really are!!!

I'm kinda happy today because work for half day... need to go to police station to settle a few things.. happy because i download latest episode of gossip girl and glee... but supposed i can download supernatural and American Next top Model cycle 14 too but nobody upload that yet.. so, what is different?

I actually talking about changing thing at blogspot and youtube..
Im not a full-time blogger but i love readings and writing while im free... but watching you tube is in MUST list when my internet connection is in good state.

A few thing changing in blogspot and youtube recently. Im not sure you realize or not but i thing it change to better way. As a student of software development, i know which is good for system or not.  Let me show you the changes...

This can be found if you want to download a picture to your blog.. as you can see they move on with another brilliant idea. you can see the old picture that you upload before and also can took other pictures from another place too... but just now i try too upload picture i didnt came out.. maybe it just a trial version.

Ok, today i cam to office and as usual i open my you tube fav channel and check out if there is a new video from them. Yes, joseph upload a new video... but one thing i realize is the interface of youtube is changing again. before this it change at desricption and the place for click subscribe. then today if they already change the volume thing and what we call it huh.. ( i called it timer?) whatever.. check it your self ok... haha..

But im happy it change because it look more user friendly and looks great!!!

Ok c ya..