Apr 9, 2010

April (6) : Genting Highland Trip

Probably I'm the most excited man in the world right now.. Tomorrow I'm going to Genting... Yaaay.. this is the moment I'm waiting for!!! Despite for being excited to go there, i also feel very sad and sorrow which only i know how I'm feeling right now.. why? because i had no money to pay!!! huhuh

I won't tell you the story how i can go there tomorrow because i wish my readers would be happy always.... One more thing, For those who want go to Genting you can buy the ticket from kajang or KL central.. (i only know this two) Only RM47 per trip.. Per trip i mean the transportation, theme park and genting skyway... but only for a day.. you can take bus from kajang or KL central at 9 am and back from genting at 7.30pm...

Really can't wait to enjoy with my friends tomorrow... Shakirah, Farahainiee, Azrai, Kucai, Zulhilmi, Rizal, Nadia and so on... hehe

Just Visit their Website okay... http://www.rwgenting.com/

The View i probably see tomorrow... can't wait!!!!

ok,  c ya on monday~ because I took package 2 days 1 night.. heheh