Apr 6, 2010

April (3) : Rest In Peace!!!!

Yesterday is a history.. The moment i'll never forget if i wish too... i was so sad.. very sad.. but the past is past.. i'm a normal person and not a taxedo mask (perlukah?)... But surprisingly i'm in a very Good Mood.. i just don't know why... arrggghhh....

Actually i lost my phone.. mmm... technically it wasn't me that misplaced that phone... my friend.. he borrowed my phone about 2 months ago because his phone got problem. i said ok since i have another handphone.... But yesterday is like my dream.. he went to mechanic shop and didn't notice that my phone fall from his pocket.... waaa... so sad... and when i on my way back from Johor to KL i had this weird dream,. i dream about my phone... huhu petanda sungguh!!!

yg pernah menjadi hp ku... uhuhh... 2nd phone yg ori aku beli.... so sad!!!

Luckily i have this... huhuh.. i miss my SE phone already!!!!!!!! 
 i will never ever give my phone to someone again!!!! never!!!!!

But today i have a very good mood.. huuhu.. i want to kick somebody... hahha... i don't know who steal it but i hope he can't open my phone since i put security password there... hahahha... padan muka..

i went to my bed and took faris's guitar and sing this song....

ok c ya.... da~