Apr 29, 2010

April (16) : Tagged Thingy TaTa...

Today i being tag by my friend adibah. I don't like to tagged people in blog but da~ who cares? hahha But i just want to waste my time.. hahha.. ok now come back to what she ask me to do.. ok.

Ok i just copy from her blog :

go to your facebook photo files,
select the 8th photo in profile folder

post that photo along with the story behind it

This photo were taken by my friend Gilbert at Berjaya Times Square. The funny part is there are no story behind it. Ermmm... ok, we took this photo after we when to KLCC and KL Tower. That day was my first time went to KL Tower and it amazed me.. we all so tired then we end up relaxing a bit there. Behind me supposed my bff KCD standing there but i cut off the picture coz i wanna put thing picture a FB.. obvious right. haha..

and behind me a lady walking and watch me taking picture.. in her mind " wow, i saw a model".. and there you young man looks like gay couple try to kiss but actually not.. hahha..

I don't think im going to tag anyone but if you all want it go tagged yourself.. Please i won't kill you... haha..

ok c ya..