Aug 31, 2010

Malaysia Independence day!!!!

Wow, as i expected there will be a lot of bloggers will write something about Independence Day dat today... Anyways im one of them... but i don't think i will celebrate merdeka.... i'll celebrate it but with my own ways... :) which im not really celebrate it... huhu... Only last night with my lovely friends....

Malaysia, my very lovely country 
where i born n live everyday
place i never replace
place i never forget
place where i see sunshine every single day
which i being me
being a man
being a lovely young man...:P
and i proudly become 'sian' for Malaysia...

very peaceful place..
i wish nobody in this world would take that...
i like harmony n peaceful place
not a place who fighting for sandwich every morning...

and live like a prawn...
its cheap but full with its meat..
not like crap.. very expensive..
hard to open n yet very little meats to eat...

But unfortunately, 
im a student and final sem student...
i got my Final Year Project need to be done...
So i dont see my independence day yet.... hahha
malaysia wish all the best..
God bless Malaysia~ 

ok c you all

Aug 30, 2010

Cute Commercial in the morning...

I never wrote anything at blog early in the morning... today, i so fed up with my programming which i can't solve from last 2 weeks... Anyways, i hate to talk about that.. hahah... so talking about commercial, i found this very cute commercial at Youtube recently..

Aug 28, 2010

Kinder Joy - Suprise!!

I know this little yummy thing is created for children. Do you heard kinder joy before? i was wondering what is so special about this 'egg'. Several hour before, i watched the advertisement on television. I never bought it and keep wondering what inside that box? haha

Aug 17, 2010

3 Years we all together!!!

Wow, tik tok tik tok... time run so fast.. and its already 3rd ramadhan i spent with my friends here in UTM. and again yesterday like what we did back at 1st semester, we "berbuka" together again. Even though im not fast that day... hahah... 

Aug 9, 2010

What Antivirus best for your Laptop?

Since i was a computer science student, people always asked me what is the best anti-virus that can BLOCK all the viruses from coming into my laptop or PC? my answer is I don't know!!! hahha...