Mar 22, 2010

March (5) : Nick in Wonderland, under the mountain and Secret recipe

Yesterday my friends and i went to mid valley. and suddenly we went to wonderland world.. after having my Korean food for lunch. (perlukah mention makan korean food). then we watch movies and having dinner before went back home...
This some pictures of us in the alice in wonderland's world.. kinda fun actually because we see a set , a real set just like in the movie... hahah.. and a lot of people also busy taking their pictures there... haha

 get out from there you'll be butterfly... hahah

Then we went to cinema to watch Under the mountain.. I like it and thanks to Zulhilmi bcos bought the ticket for me... hahha.. i think if this movie in 3D it would be the best movie actually.. hahha.. i think so.. lol..
 image from google..

After the movie, zul and ayie brought me to Secret recipe.. waaa... in my mind, seriously???? in my wallet only got RM50 and ok enough lah.. hahah (dlm hati...harap2 diorg blanja lol) and we ate a lot.. hahha
Thankz a lot to Shekin BFF because belanja me secret recipe.. thanks... huhh but so sad cos she hv fever n can't come... huhuhu

 that day actually kinda bad day for me but i still have fun...
and last nite i really in bad mood... huhuh

ok c ya.. da~