Mar 31, 2010

March (10) : Rat Urine is more dangerous than Facebook?

Today, i found out one more interesting fact. Rat Urine is dangerous..  after 22 years living with rat (even i killed some of them) i do not know that rat urine can cause fatal... well i know the title is ridiculous but for me facebook is dangerous too.. haha...

Facebook waste my time, my work didnt finish, very lazy to make my own coffee... bla bla bla... but still im facebooking... hahhaha ok stop blame the facebook... :P

well, i do my research this morning after i heard one of Malaysia's celebrity had a coma after accidentally consume the urine rat. I said wow, really? seriously?? i search at Google about rat urine dangerous... its hard for me to find why the urine is dangerous but finally i found this...

Leptospirosis is a bacterial infection carried in rat’s urine which may contaminate water in lakes, rivers, etc. The bacteria does not survive long in dry conditions or salt water. The risk of infection is greater in stagnant or slow-moving water but cases have occurred in swift moving streams and lowland rivers. There is an enhanced risk where flash floods have washed out rat runs.

The infection is caught by direct contact with the urine or polluted environment. Bacteria enter through skin abrasions or via eyes, nose or mouth.

The usual incubation is 2 to 12 days. Usually a ‘flu’ like illness occurs which resolves in 2-3 weeks. There may be fever, severe headache, pains in the back and calf and prostration. A few cases develop Jaundice, when the condition is known as Weil’s disease.
 what? who ask you to drink my urine?

But this only infection through skin... so i make a question on my facebook... Which is more dangerous? rat pee or rat poison?? one of my friend myristika said rat pee is more dangerous... so guys, be careful!!!

well, for us maybe the urine is very dangerous but for rat?
Urine marking has many meanings, depending on the rat who made the urine mark and on the rat who smells it. Marks are used as sexual advertisements, to attract rats of the opposite sex. A rat uses its own scent marks to maintain an odor field and help it navigate through the landscape. Adult rats mark safe food sites which young rats prefer.Rats mark each other, too. Between males and females, such marking is probably sexual. Females tend to mark the males they like best.

 Gud luck u ol...

very few people in this world know about it and i hope this info can help a lot of people... :)

c ya... da~