Mar 16, 2010

March (1) : Wedding Ceremony Malay Tradition

First of all, i want to congrate Fareezul and Sella for their wedding last 2 week.. Even though they do not know me and so do i but i wish both of you happily ever after and jumping to next step... (hehe being parent lah).. and thank you so much to her sister Farahainee Shahidan (my cozmate) for the invitation...

This is my 3rd or 4th time went for a wedding ceremony (Malay side). i do not know much about it but I'm so glad i can come to this wedding..

Date : Saturday, March 13, 2010
Time : 12:00pm - 5:00pm
Location : Dewan Sri Melati, Persint 3 Putrajaya

So, let me show you some picture...

Dr Fareezul and Dr Sella

The invitation card....

The food was delicious.. Nasi hujan panas they call it and one thing i learned 
from Kucai after finish your meal do not put the tissue that you already use on
the plate. i kinda mean that the food is not delicious. haha before this i just put it because i thought 
someone can clean the table easily. but for me that is not important because as long as the
food is delicious. 

farahainee, adibah, shark, me, kucai, mydent, jamal, fara, alia and ahlina
sweet couple [fareezul & sella]

Then after photography session with bride we headed to Putrajaya (just outside the Dewan Sri Melati)
to have another photo shot session.

Have a great day that time...