Mar 17, 2010

March (2) : Aku dan Dia [same bday]

this is my lovely nephew Nikson Junior.. yaaah.. its name after me.. Nicholas.. hehe.. well, why his name after me? what are the same things between us?

well, its our birthday...

our birthday is 15th of march

yup it a day before yesterday.. on monday this week...
mine is 22 and he is 2.

i would like to take this opportunity to Thank all of my family, bffs, friends, fb's fren, tagged's fren and alien from other planet that wish me happy birthday, wish me gud luck, wish me all the best and ask me to smile always.. (yes i will) :)

God bless you too~ 

Thank you so much.. i love you guys..
and thanks for the presents ya... love it!!!

this is my photo with my beloved nephew...

ya i know.. im more cute than him....

Nikson... Happy birthday ner..