Mar 3, 2009

mY iDea AbOuT pOpULaR

Popular and unpopular in the community is a normal thing. Usually when we said someone that is popular in the group basically they are a rich, handsome/beautiful, and smart guy or girls. And the rest consist of unpopular group. Inside that community, they will be someone that being intermediate person. What I’m trying to say here is that person trying to be popular but he/she can’t be. Sometimes he/she are popular inside the unpopular group.
Me, not handsome, not rich, and not intelligent but have sense of humor can’t be inside the popular group. Hence, I’m the only bidayuh guy in the class and look very weird looking… always comes out with different fashion and hair style. Not to attract attention but my desire are to try something different and not be one dimensional human being. People always critic my way and I also critic the way they look. Doesn’t mean that I very expert in fashion but the way that Malaysian in the local University put on their clothes just like they lack of idea and don’t have different clothes in their closet. But I’m very impressed with some of them that very good in fashion. This people are always in a popular group.