Mar 3, 2009

mY nEw hObBy...

Since 29th January 2008, I so addicted with a small, cute, and beautiful fish which is called Molly fish. Up until now, I have two types of them which are the long Molly and the short Molly. In market, the short Molly is more expensive than the long Molly. The price for the short Molly is RM2 each but you can get around 15-20 long Molly for the same price. Basically, people use Molly fish as a food for a big fish such as Flower horn and so on… Today, I have plenty of them. I only bought them all only for RM2 and I such a lucky guy because I also get different color of Molly fish. I have black, yellow, orange, white, black and white and grey. They are so lovely and very cute. I have 14 short Molly and 40 long Molly. For them, I bought 3 aquariums and 3 food container as their nest. If you ask me where I get the inspiration to start my new hobby, my answer would be absolutely from my friends Maria Knowles, Rien and Nana. The short Molly can be called Balloon Molly and the scientific name is Poecilia sphenops. In my collections, I also have different types of Molly but I can’t find their names. My pets already have child and 13 of them now growing up healthily. Some of them died and I’m now in process learning how to take care of them.

I also have 5 Guppy in my collection. I bought them 3 weeks ago in the different fish shop. The scientific name for guppy is Poecilia Reticula.

My family support me a lot when they heard I have fish in my room because I really need ‘friends’ when I was alone in my room( that sound makes me really like a weird guy… hahah…). By the way, the fish are so cute and I can stare at them for an hour or more…

On the other hand, I’m very sure that a lot of people in this world still do not know the existing of Molly fish and for me at first, also do not know that is actually molly fish. So, I would like to introduce to the world and especially to my lovely friend, my luvly pet Molly Fish.

btw, i have around 60+ molly fish and around 70 its child..