Jan 26, 2009

mY jAnuARy

There are many thing happens to my life this January. Some of them are happy story and some of them want to make me cry. On 10 until 11 January, I join The Marmouk Company to become one of the facilitators for ‘Kem Jati Diri dan Kecemerlangan UPSR 2009’ at SK Permas Jaya(1), Pasir Gudang, Johor held by Yayasan Pelajaran Mara. It was my first time became facilitator that kind of camp. However I managed to fulfill my work successfully and I kind of happy because can meet a lot of new friends from UTHM and kids from that school. I’m so happy and really have a great weekend for been there. I found a very cute kid in my group. He is very nimble, brave and has a leadership attitude with strong background education. He is so sweet, cute and fun in my team… btw, he also the ‘penghulu’ for this camp. Owh, i forgot to mention his name. His name is Mohd Faidhi.

The next two week, which is 2 days ago I went for the same camp but different school that is SK Taman Molek at Pasir Gudang too. The students are so much different from the previous school. Most of them came from last class which attends for this camp only for past the UPSR this year. Most of them not clever and so much thing need to be teach. It’s really hard for me and I need to think how I going to talk to them and conduct them during LDK (exercise in small group). After that, I been told that there are 14 orphan also came from different schools join this camp and 3 of them in my group. The hardest part is when we are going to talk about strength and weakness of our parents in one of the slot in our LDK. OMG, I really do not know to begin!! But lastly, I managed to slow talk about that but a bit different from original text and they totally not sad and touch what I said ( I hope so… huhu :P ). One of my favorite students during this camp is Saiful Shah. He is adorable and always smiles to me… He also always me laugh and thought that he is a handsome boy. :P Apart of that, my favorites orphan student are Atikah and Shafiq. Atiqah is one of my group members. She is so sweet and adorable. She very understand what I ask her and humble. Shafiq is not in my group but he always smile to me and the way he smile at me make me very impress to him since he is an orphan and not like others.

On the same day we went to SK Taman Molek, that afternoon I receive bad news from my cousin in Kuching. She called me and she asked me whether I know or heard the news already. What news??? I still in comatose dreaming because I really lack of sleep at that day… she then told me that our brother in law was gone that afternoon. My heart stops playing love song and started to play very R&B song from that moment!!! OMG, are you sure about that? I ask her but her also not sure about that. Then I quickly call my daddy to ensure the shocking news anyway. But my mother answered the phone and she said they on the way to Sarikei. All of sudden, the line are disconnected. Without wasting so much time I called home and my sister answered. WHT, at the same time the Chinese community played their fireworks in 4 minutes and our conversation were very not clear at that time… but I only can sure that my brother in law really died that afternoon. Then we close the call. After 10 minutes, I called home again to know how he died. My eldest sister answered the phone. He died because of heart attack and died in Sarikei Hospital. He left his wife, my lovely cousin and her daughter that only 4 month old. The sad part for my cousin is they only marriage in last year. I really feel sorry for her and I really want to go back to Sibu but I can’t because of money problem. The thing that only I can do is pray. I pray to God so that he will go peace and go to heaven being with God. I love you my bro.

Then, I going back to UTM and still being comatose because really tired in the weekend. Last night I create a cover album for myself and it is very simple. I love it… haha… Comatose is defined as in a state of deep and usually prolonged unconsciousness which is unable to respond to external stimuli "a comatose patient". I particularly use Adobe Photoshop CS3 to make a poster.