May 25, 2010

May (3) : Supernatural is back for Season 6

Im so happy just now when i been told by winchester Bros at Facebook about the upcoming season 6 of Supernatural. After watching the finale 2 days ago i really thought that the drama was end.but clearly its not!!! My fav drama will continue...

The CW announced in their blog February 16, 2010 (i should read the blog earlier.. hahha) that they given early pickups to five series for next season, including four signature dramas and the reality TV and all five of the show will start in Fall 2010.

The five series are....

Supernatural - season 6

American Next Top Model - cycle 15

Gossip Girl - season 4

Vampires Diaries - season 2

90210 - season 3

I love all the series but not 90210... i dont know why i really dont like 90210... well, i dont care actually.. hahha... Really cant wait for the next season for 4 series... 

c ya..