May 17, 2010

May (1) : Home

This is my first time post something in my blog for this month. Since I've been at Sarawak for almost 3 weeks but i have so much great time spend with my lovely family. Sometimes i miss my days at KL but i miss more at my parent at Sarawak.. hahah...

Thanks a lot to farahainee and her friend meo for sending me to KLIA and i appreciate that so much!! Thanks to farahainee too for her help along my practical training at KL and without her i do not know what happen to me...

meo and farah
me and farah at KLIA

Thanks to my former boss and senior Dr azlan and Mr Tajul for everything...

 Dr Azlan and Mr Tajul at the middle..

now im at Home, im happy and so busy with my activity with my family and friends everyday!!! hehe

with my parent at Semenggoh

c ya..