May 18, 2010

May (2) : Semenggoh Nature Reserve, Kuching Sarawak

The status of Semengoh Forest Reserve, Sarawak's oldest forest reserve (constituted in 1920), has been changed in April 2000 to that of Semenggoh Nature Reserve. The Reserve has been an important site for Sarawak Forest Department experimental studies and houses an arboretum, a wildlife rehabilitation centre, a botanical research centre, trial plantation and experimental plots, forest nursery and the former Forest School. 

Located 20 km south of Kuching and readily accessible by road, this 653 ha Nature Reserve is ideal for recreational purposes. The area consists of primary lowland mixed dipterocarp forest and old secondary forests with patches of kerangas forest. The undisturbed primary forest contains probably the richest flora in the world. The palm Areca ahmadeii is endemic to the reserve. 

The Nature Reserve houses various rare flora and fauna. It is known to be inhabited by a large variety of birds, of which most are migrants. Birds present include the bulbuls, babblers, barbets, kingfishers, shamas, drongos, pigeons, woodpeckers and tailorbirds. The Giant Squirrel and Pigmy squirrel are also found here. The presence of gibbons are due to the rehabilitation programmes conducted here. 

If you want to visit this fatastic place ask me ok..
Or do visit this website :

As a The Rehabilitation Centre. 

Actually i went there for seeing Orang Utan being feed. The dominant male of Orang utan called Ritchi and the grandmother or the mother of Orang Utan here called Sudoku. Ritchi falled in love with Delima but now delima have infant (age 1 year) so she didnt attracted to Ritchi. Thats make Ritchi goes mad now... Delima too.. The guard their told me usually mother of Orang Utan will find the male after their infant reach 4 years old. Must read the rules if you in the forest.

This picture i took..

with my parent (delima back there)

Delima.. "the Hot Mama"

Ritchi - "The Dominant male"

ok c ya..