Jan 29, 2010

January (6) : Nasi Goreng Kampung Kajang

Last post i share about maggi kari instant mee. Today i will talk about Village Fried Rice (Nasi Goreng Kampung)... lol, am i right.. haha.. well, since i live with my lovely housemates in Kajang, we cook by ourselves everyday.. sometimes sambal ikan bilis, telur goreng, kari ayam, sup bunjut adabi ayam, ikan goreng kicap and if we don't have meat or vegetable as menu we only cook nasi goreng kampung for dinner... so sad right.. haha

So, to cook nasi goreng kampung is very easy asu drink a glass of water.. mmm.. you might think im crazy.. lol.. Not that easy la.. But i'll show you how to make nasi goreng kampung ala kajang~

you should prepare this first : -

water (small amount)
Ikan bilis (anchovy)
2 Telur (2 Egg)
kacang panjang (long bean) -> not sure right or not haha
cili padi (chili) 
bawang merah (Shallot)
bawang putih (garlic)
sayuran lain (other vegetables as you like)
and absolutely you need rice...

1st we need to blend chili, shallot and garlic.. you can use traditional way
or modern way(use electric blender) - i call this 'sambal'

slide the long bean to be like this (smaller better so look nice with rice later)

Fried the egg and make sure you make it shatter..

and the anchovy also need to blend using traditional way..

so, this what you'll need in cooking nasi goreng kampung ala kajang~
forget to mention you also fried some anchovy but put it in last step...

of coz you need rice...

1st, put oil in your dixie..
2ndt you need to tumis(i do not know what is the right term- a culinary procedure similar to sauteing but at a higher temperature) the blend' anchovy and then sambal. after that when u smell something nice, put some water.. and cook until it very good smell and mix together. and put salt and other additional flavoring that you like.

Then put the rice and cook until the tumis mix with rice.. 
after that, put the egg..
mix them up..
and put long bean.. mix them up until the long bean cooking..
then, if you feel everything already cooking and mix together you can put the fried anchovy and then finish~
tada.. easy right!!

have fun with your meal.. hahaha...