Jan 27, 2010

January (5) : Maggie Mee Kari

Yummy.... I'm sure a lot of you love maggi mee (instant mee) so much!! Some of us (especially university student) 'love' maggi as their daily dinner because they want to save budget. But not for me anymore. If i don't have money i still eat rice and of course i will not let my stomach empty... but for now i just want to share with you all about my most fav maggi mee, Kari Maggi.

Last week, while i in my office's desk, i only thinking about maggi Kari all the time. (so weird huh!) Anyway, this is because i didnt eat maggie kari for such a long time.. (mengidam ler tu) ahaha... so i decide to buy maggi kari after back from work. so this is the pictures that i take for you guys..

2 is enough for me... ahakz..

ok, you need 2 glass of water, 2 packet maggie kari, chili (for more spicy)
or black pepper..


after a few minutes...

ok ready for eat~

yummy~ delicious.. i love it!!!

my tips : if u add some lime in your maggi kari, its more delicious because you will taste sour and spicy at the same time..

Enjoy your mee.. hehe..