Jan 21, 2010

January (4) : Blog readers

First of all, i would like to express my appreciation to all my readers. Without you all, this blog will never exist. Even though i randomly update my blog (sometimes i kinda busy with my study) you guys still here.. Thank you so much!!!

Yesterday, i read my friend's blog and click all the nuff ads.. Hope you do the same thing for me too... After a while, i log in to Nuff account and thank God i manage to get 5Dollar.. thanks to all of you.. i know for you its a small amount but sooner or later it will increase! am i right?

But, that is not my main point for today. what i am going to tell you is about my reader. I was very shocked when i found that some of my readers are came from other countries such as US, Singapore, Taiwan and so on. Maybe they just went to my blog (not read) but i proud they open it.. hahah... I really do not know where they found my url (blog) because i never promote my blog to outsiders..

analytics for this week

analytics for last week

thank you so much!!!

But i wanna to thank you guys (all) who read or not read my blog because of you i have passion to write my blog twice a week!! haha..