Apr 19, 2009

mY liFe tHiS wEEk

I had a lot of difficulty this entire week!!! (Actually I mean last week) Well, this week I sooooo busy with my assignment and assignment… last Sunday, is a big disaster in my life. I’m sick because of food poisoning. I’m ill, I got 2 assignments to pass up and this week is study week… I have no time to study!!! (The funny part is I still have time to watch American’s next Top Model cycle 12 and open my facebook and my blog… hhaha). So Monday until Thursday, I really can’t do anything because I’m rest and still in pain because of food poisoning. I really hate food poisoning because can cause us lose appetite to eat (no fried chicken, no spicy food) and your shit is all water… OMG, hurt man… but thankz God for heal me and I really thankz to my parents and family for support me all time, kak cha n my aerobic team for sending me to clinic, and my friends who give me support to get my healthy back.

On Thursday too, I got discussion with my web’s member for our final project entitle Video Tour for Faculty of Computer Science and Information System. In the morning, I have my presentation for Application Development and I develop a game for kids which are mathematic game.This is not study group!!! We all need to finish our assignment before morning!!!

On Friday, I have aerobic show at Flat Police near to Redza’s house which I don’t know where and we bring it on that day in front of all policeman and policewomen in the johor and Ketua Polis Daerah. But not only us perform that day, ally’s group also did the show.

Aerokidz group and Ally's group

On Saturday, my aerobic team and I had an aerobic ton competition at Plaza Kotaraya. We got 2nd place from 10 group and this is the 1st time we join this competition and this competition also 1st time held in Johor. We all sleep at Kak Cha’s house that night and we had a rehearsal at Plaza. Musa, Aj and I steal half an hour to go out looking for food. So, we go to City Square to buy something at McDonald.

Musa and i at in front of CS

Aj and i at in front of CS

Today on Sunday, I’m so tired because of the aerobic ton competition and it’s really use my entire muscles. I slept 12 our last night and still can’t rest my muscle. So tired!!! Still want to sleep but still a lots of works need to be done.