Feb 5, 2010

February (3) : Adibah's Photo Contest

What? One more contest...

Actually, my friend Adibah ask me to join this contest (which she is the creator) from last month.. but i kept looking for a better picture to put in this contest.. She said it must have unforgettable story behind the picture..

so continue to read if you want to know the history about this picture...


ok this is her banner... click if you want to follow her~

from left : my cousin, me, my grandpa, my big bro, my father...

To start the story let me tell you where is this place... This is Sandah Parik.. (Bidayuh Pedawan-Biatah) well that mean Gunung/bukit Pulang.. Actually that is not the real name.. haha.. im forgot what is the actual name... But why i call it Sandah Parik? 

Before we went here, down there is my lovely village. My village is called Kampung Kiding Pedawan. At kuching of course.. so, from my village to come this far you will have 1 and a half long journey... but because this is my first time and bring my big brother along so the journey extends to 2 hours plus~ haha...

what we doing here actually? 
We went here because we want go to my grandfather's orchard.. To collect fresh and delicious king of fruit, Durian.. so, the story behind this are we are so much excited, funny and scary experience  as we 1st time went here.. im so excited because for the 1st time in 19 year, finally  i came here.. im begging my father several time before i can get here... Thanks dad!!

To answer why we call it sandah parik(going back mountain) because of this picture...
See already... its like my bro unconscious after reach here.. it really long and hard journey..
its like you  climb Gunung Kinabalu... hahah so we took a rest before continue our journey..
and that time he ask to turn back..
oh no way dude... without Durian we'll not ever going back!! haha

so continue the journey~


See for yourself.. if you not use with this kind of road, you probably give up at the middle of the journey..

 waa.. at last we reach the place!! hahah.. so excited.. this is again my 1st time eat the very fresh durian..
the taste is so damn diffrent from you buy at Pasar..

Here we wait the Durian to fall down to earth and will enter in my mouth!! hahah...
Even though you eat a lot here your body never get warm because it is very fresh and delicious!!
In the container is what we call Tempoyak..  i made it by myself!!! 
i learned so much in this lovely trip...

You guys see the durian.. it still new.. my bro wash it because it fall on the dirty place..
and the water (ayak) is actually from top of the mountain and very cold and fresh!!!
this is very unforgettable experience that i ever had!!!

Down there is my village if you barely can see them.. haha So far right...
There so much story i want to tell but i think this enough to win dibah's heart 
so i can win this competition.. I hope and cross my finger!!! haha

Miss my daddy and mummy, grandpa and grandma...
my kampung kiding is beautiful place!! i will post other picture of it in the next post~

Dibah, let me win~!!! hahah