Aug 12, 2009

Prima Kehidupan Sang Teruna

so, uols... good morning!!
After went back from Kuala Lumpur last weekend, i become a person that like to eat so much.. i getting hungry all the time and after eat a bunch of food, i'm full..n gosshh

yesterday, Tunku Masera again blanja bbq (lamb) and some several delicious food and desert... waa, so delicious laa... no picture because i have my dinner at Istana. (hard to took picture there and i think not need because its private place... hahah)

after that uols,
we walked in the Istana area to reduce weight after eat so much...
(thats why i didnt gain any weight)
and then i so tired..
after finish my PSM log book, i fall asleep on my comfort bed~

btw, i heard a lot of universities close/holiday because of H1N1~
wow, uols..
becareful ya..
not Kerabat Pahang also infected by that virus..
just pray no one die anymore!! Amen...

uols know nobody can avoid that dangerous virus but
the best way to prevent the virus is using cup mask (bcoz it cover all uols noses and mouth)
besides, uols must have sanitizer all the time...

ok uols, c ya n God bless uols...